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  • Eden's Skin Care
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    Have you ever stop and think what is in your body products?.
    Let me enlighten you 50% - 60% of products contain crude oil and water, which is toxic to your body, which leads to ailment such as cancer. At Eden's skine care we are proud to introduce 100% Natural body product that will benefit your skin and won't harm your skin in any way. We pride ourselves in making products that are Natural to ensure our customer get the benefit that they need, or looking for in using our products. We also do a wide range of products: Body butter, Body moose, Bath Bombs, Soap bars, Hand wash, Shower gel and Scented candles. All of our products are hand made with 100% Natural ingredients and essential oils, which help to prevent for skin from drying out and loosing moisture. Our products are for all skin types.
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